Business Transfer

Business Transfer

At Continental Consulting we realize the importance of good clear advice when it comes to setting up a new business or venture. We ensure that all new commercial contracts are legally binding and that you understand the implications and conditions of entering into any Spanish contract. We provide a tailored package for all new clients looking to purchase a business in the Costa del Sol, and this service includes the following:

* Meeting the sellers of the business and their legal representatives and confirming any change of conditions with the freeholder before any money or contracts are handed over.

* We will study the copy of the current lease contract for any irregularities and confirm with the relevant town hall that the license is legal and is able to be transferred into your name and at what cost. In many instances if the current opening licence is more than twelve months old then the town hall can ask for a security certificate to confirm that there has not been any structural changes to the business and that the current installations are up to legal requirements. This certificate comes in the form of a detailed book compiled by one of our technical engineers licensed to carry out such certificates. We work closely with many Town Hall’s along the coast and our technical engineers are always up to date with any changes in the law or town planning departments to ensure a trouble free and legal transfer.


* If there are any outstanding bills to be paid on the business, then we will check with the respective companies to settle these amounts on or before the completion of the sale.

* Upon the completion of the business, one of our fiscal team will register you for the relevant social security payments and register you at the Hacienda Publica as a new business owner for tax purposes.

* If the business that has been purchased has members of staff on contract, then we will advise our clients of the position and status of the contracts held, and prepare new contracts if needed. The price for the full service package as detailed is 1.500 Euros inclusive of IVA with method of payment being 50% upon undertaking the work and the balance upon the signing of the new lease contract normally within 30 days of paying the deposit.

If the town hall requests a security certificate from the technical engineer, then the current price is 450 Euros inclusive of IVA.

All business premises need to fulfill basic sanitary, hygiene and safety standards, any changes that need to be made in order to comply with town hall requirements will be detailed to all clients before they sign the actual lease contracts.

The full business transfer procedure including any taxes for the town hall if relevant and food handling certificate will cost in the region of 2,500 Euros.

All persons wishing to reside and work in Spain will have to have their Residents Spanish Foreigners Identification number N.I.E. We can apply for this number and provide the relevant paper work. At Continental Consulting, we work very closely with the Sabadell Sol Bank along the coast. The Bank is the choice of many English residents due to its multilingual staff and its efficient and new modern office and internet banking services. Should you need to open a bank account we can highly recommend the Sabadell Sol Bank as our bank of choice and one of our staff members will be happy to open an account with you should you need.

All business premises need to be certified safe and any changes that need to be made in order to comply with town hall requirements will be detailed to all clients before they sign the actual lease contracts, and they will need to be insured at least for fire, theft , water, building and third party liability.