Any person holding a non EU passport will need to apply for a VISA if they wish to work or purchase a business in Spain. We are able to assist British passport holders wishing to apply for a self employed work VISA in Spain.

The visa application process and the business transfer process will be working in harmony throughout the purchase as the visa application depends to a degree on the actual investment and the subsequent business plan etc.

The criteria that needs to be met is very much a financial one with the emphasis being that you have enough money saved and in investments to carry you through at least the first twelve months. There is a not an actual figure given by the Spanish Embassy that they wish to see in order for them to grant the work visa, as there is for the non working visa (non lucrative).

However based on our discussions with the Spanish consulate office, you need to have approximately 27.500€ in savings and annual investments and approximately 6.500€ for each individual family member.

A married couple would therefore need to have a minimum of 34.000€ in savings or annual income on top of the actual business purchase and deposits etc. This is an approximate estimation, as each application will be looked at differently depending on the investment that you would be making in Spain.

As part of the work visa application process the applicants have to prove that they have made a business investment in Spain. We will need to provide proof including purchase contracts, reservation and lease contracts, and opening license applications etc.

The costs that we currently have for two people applying for the self-employed work visas are 3.000€ plus VAT (3.630€).

Our method of payment is a retainer for the visas of 1.815€, with the balance of the fees payable when the visas are issued.
The fees include all necessary paper work, business plan, applications, & visit to the police station in Spain for the residents cards ( TIE card).

Any translations, power of attorney and the fees charged by the Spanish Embassy for the VISA itself are not included.

As part of the application you will need a clean medical certificate issued by your GP or private Dr saying that you do not suffer from any illness which is a danger to the general public and a UK police background check (ACRO). These are not included in our fees.

If you are able to visit Spain in the short term it will be advantageous as you can sign a power of attorney for us to represent you in Spain as part of the process. We can also set up your bank account and have you sign the paper work for the accounts, which has to be done in person.

Finally I have to say that we will always do our best to make sure the application process is as smooth and is issued as quickly as possible, however we are very much in the hands of the Spanish Consulate office in the area that you applied for the visa, and the final decisions as to IF and when they issue a visa will be theirs.