Property Conveyancing

Property ConveyancingWe are happy to introduce our new conveyancing programme for people needing representation either buying or selling their homes. Of course, as we act independently, we do not have any reason to cause any conflicts of interest with any parties involved in the process. We are confident our clear pricing policy will result in lower prices for you – most lawyers typically charge 1.5% – 2% of the property value, however we charge a fixed 1% of the purchase Price of the property, with a minumum cost of 1.500,00€ plus IVA.

If you are selling your property then we will arrange for you all the transfer procedures from the cancellation of your mortgage should you have one, through to the negotiations with the buyers and their bank or solicitor. We are happy to arrange the transfer at any Notary on the Costa Del Sol or at our local Notary in Fuengirola or Benalmadena Costa.

In the case that you are buying a property, then we will again arrange the transfer with your bank. Should you need a mortgage, we order copies of the nota simple and copia simple from the land registry, and obtain copies of all the municipal taxes and utility bills to make sure that you will not be inheriting any debts left by the previous owners.

We will make sure that whatever your position when either buying or selling, that we prepare all the documentation, and present it at the notary before the signing date to have it checked and inform you if we have any doubts or questions before we sign the title deeds. If you have to return to your own country for any reason, then you can of course leave a power of attorney with one of our solicitors to sign the deeds on your behalf. If you would prefer, we can arrange for you to leave a power of attorney with a friend or family member, and we can make arrangements with the notary to sign the deeds at a time that suits them.

If you are experiencing or indeed have difficulties with your bank due to mortgage arrears, then why not call us to see if we can help you. If you have been unable to structure a new mortgage payment plan with your own bank or indeed have had problems in getting a response from them, then we might be able to help your case. Before you think that all is lost, please call us and we can see what we can do to help. We have a portfolio of clients always looking to buy properties and maybe we can put you in contact with a buyer direct?

Whatever your needs when it comes to buying or selling we are sure that we will be able to help. Laws in Spain, provide a first class service in English with a clear pricing structure.