Fiscal & Accounting

At Laws in Spain we work together with a specialised firm of local accountants to help you with the set up of your new business, and they will explain the taxation system and what initially you will be liable for. The setting up of any new business is a challenge, and their job is to make this challenge easier for you.Fiscal & Accounting

Their team of experts will be able to advise you in areas such as the best rate of social security to pay into, and how to manage your quarterly book keeping and I.V.A.

They manage all aspects of Spanish taxation and are able to offer a dedicated service in the following:

• Spanish income tax returns and wealth tax returns for non residents of Spain
• Income tax returns and wealth tax residents of Spain
• Quarterly IVA returns and yearly IVA summary
• Quarterly payments on account of income tax and tax retentions
• Annual tax returns for national companies

In Spain as in the UK, upon earning money from any registered business, you are obliged to pay income tax. The tax is based on your quarterly earnings and the books that you provide to your accountant. The accountants that we recommend will study all of your business accounts and then make your quarterly declarations for you, advising you if any modifications can be made to minimize your tax implications.

Prices for their book keeping services for a typical cafe bar start from 100 Euros per month plus IVA. We will accompany all clients on their first meeting with the accountants and of course the meeting is free of charge.